The Crew Of The Harmony


The tale of the duo's and their crimes.

It all started after the court case….

Jack got a call from Ezekiel, a job in the network department wagering 10k for the death of a diplomat. A ticket to a poker all star event, penthouse suite at the albastar casino and hotel 10k of spending money what more could casamir ask for.

The week goes by uneventful as the crew begins a weeklong upgrade on the harmony. And Friday night approaches quickly. Jurvan anxious for something to happens catches Jack sneaking out of the ship in civilian clothes. Meanwhile….

Cosmo after finishing up with ship upgrades decides to head out with casamir after casamir found out he was the wild card to the nights biggest poker game. The two spiff up and prepare to hit the town and win some creds.

The evening goes as eventful as planned with casamir in the heart of big shot gambling, and Jack realizing he may be a little rusty in the art of assassination. Jack is quickly met with the surprise that jurvan has followed him in a panicked state he got a room for two on the same floor of the target. Back at the penthouse casamir finds out more about cosmos fame? Or maybe something more shady while the poker game kicks off.

Jack is now forced to bring jurvan into the fold. Jurvans response is a plesent event switch up. He tells Jack that this is his last deal with the man named Ezekiel and that jurvan will aid in helping Jack out with his mission.

The plan is simple kill the diplomat put him in the room secured next to him and melt his body in battery acid removing all evidence of the assassination and earning Jack his place at the table of the fallen kings.

Next Monday we pick up with our savvy and spooky spec ops hero’s at the turning point to a good night on the town.


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